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Helicopters and Drones

Helicopters and drones are as easy to set up as spaceships or planes. Mercuna’s ready-to-use framework can have them buzzing round your levels in minutes.

One of the exciting uses of Mercuna is to add a whole new dimension to ground-based games.  Adding drones which hunt down agents in a realistic way can make a shooter much more interesting, fun and unpredictable.  If you have a cityscape and want drones to fly around complex geometry, in through windows and along ventilation shafts, you are going to need a really powerful 3d navigation middleware.  We believe that Mercuna is the best on the market at handling this level of complexity because we use a sparse octree to intimately interrogate buildings without slowing the whole game.

With Mercuna, you can populate the skies with drones, helicopters and other flying creatures of all sizes, giving them all different behaviours and missions to make exciting and ever-changing games.