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Eel swimming through a cave

Sharks, Fish and Eels

We first developed Mercuna for the open, 3D worlds of space but soon realised that flying navigation was equally effective for underwater games.  In fact, underwater games need more geometry to make them interesting.  Who wants to swim around in empty water? A game with lots of different types of underwater creatures, real and imagined, is infinitely more interesting.

Mercuna’s advanced pathfinding means that you can have eels slithering between underwater foliage, shoals of fish swimming in and out of shipwrecks and sharks tracking its prey through underwater cities.  If you want to fill empty water with features, and have your AI swim in around those features, any simple 3d navigation solution will struggle to cope with the complexity and slow the game down.  This is where Mercuna’s powerful pathfinding comes in, ensuring that you can make your game endlessly interesting and complex.