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Ground Navigation for Games

Mercuna Ground Navigation is a complete navigation solution for AI, characters, vehicles and animals. It allows you to drop people, cars, motorbikes, tanks, horses and dinosaurs into your game levels and have them seamlessly navigate complex environments. 
We understand that a lot of projects out there aspire to have more than just characters. That’s why Mercuna Ground Navigation has been designed from the start to include these constraints in its pathfinding, so a singular system can handle all the challenges faced in a wide scoped project.
Any type of AI, on any type of terrain.


Hybrid Navigation

Combing the very fast spatial lookup and low memory of a quadtree, with efficient pathfinds of a polymesh.


High performance, asynchronous pathfinding for characters, animals, and vehicles


Momentum based physyical path following model.


Collisions with other moving obstacles, such as other agents, never occur.

Mercuna Ground Navigation has been created to provide an intuitive navigation solution for Animals, Characters, and Vehicles!

For both humanoid and non humanoid characters, Mercuna Ground Navigation is the pinnacle of pathfinding technology, and used alongside Mercuna 3D Navigation, allows for a full AI Navigation Solution to cover the needs of even the largest AAA production.
Other navigation solutions on the market designed for characters quickly disintegrate when used alongside vehicles and animals, as they fail to take into account their fundamental movement constraints.
Unlike characters, vehicles and animals can only change speed slowly and may have extremely limited turning rates. They require smooth, gently curving paths, optimised for their turning radius and acceleration capabilities, not the shortest, often sharply turning routes that traditional navigation systems focus on. In addition, the asymmetric shapes of vehicles and animals cannot be ignored when determining whether they can traverse narrow corridors and gaps.

How does Mercuna Ground Navigation work?

Mercuna Ground Navigation was born out of a need to see characters, animals and vehicles act accordingly in games. All of these variants have their own specific requirements, and Mercuna Ground Navigation has been designed

Save Development Costs

Delivered at a defined cost and ready to use immediately

Easy To Use

Deep engine integrations, with intelligent defaults and optimised work flows

Guaranteed Solution

Developed for AAA games, runs on all platforms

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