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3D Navigation for Games

Mercuna 3D Navigation is a complete 3D navigation solution for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, which helps characters, creatures and vehicles find their way through complex environments. Whether you want to fly a spaceship through an asteroid field, chase the hero with a dragon, or thread a submarine through a winding cave, Mercuna unlocks new opportunities for creative 3D movement. Advanced pathfinding, flexible steering options and seamless obstacle avoidance are among the simple yet powerful tools Mercuna delivers for building sophisticated and interesting AI.

Our Clients include

Pathfinding corridor
EQS reachability test
Navigation octree

Our Technology

Mercuna 3D Navigation has been designed from the ground up as a comprehensive and powerful solution. If you want to take your AI beyond simple 3D movement, Mercuna enables you to take advantage of the years of development we’ve spent perfecting motion in 3D environments. We offer full volumetric pathfinding through an octree, coupled with sophisticated steering and dynamic avoidance algorithms. Configuration allows for different types of movement and navigation, and our interfaces allow you to easily plug Mercuna into your existing character movement system. We offer full, deep integration with Unreal Engine 4, so your developers will be able to use our 3D solution just as easily as UE4’s built-in ground-based movement. We have also recently launched a Unity integration to bring Mercuna to new users for the first time.

We’re really proud of what we have produced and think that Mercuna 3D Navigation will allow developers to create AI which can do exactly what they want them to do, in all types of complex environment.  We’d love you to have a go for yourself and see how easy and powerful Mercuna is to use.

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