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AI Navigation for Games

3D Navigation

Mercuna 3D Navigation is a complete 3D navigation solution for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, which helps characters, creatures and vehicles find their way through complex environments. Whether you want to fly a spaceship through an asteroid field, chase the hero with a dragon, or thread a submarine through a winding cave, Mercuna makes it possible. Advanced pathfinding, flexible steering options and seamless obstacle avoidance are among the simple yet powerful tools Mercuna delivers for building sophisticated and interesting AI.

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Ground Navigation

Mercuna Ground Navigation is a complete 2D ground based navigation solution for AI characters, vehicles and animals. It allows you to drop people, cars, motorbikes, tanks, horses and dinosaurs into your game levels and have them seamlessly navigate complex environments. Designed to handle all types of terrain the Mercuna Ground Navigation middleware provides pathfinding and steering for both humanoid and non-humanoid AI. Whether you’re walking people around buildings, racing horses through a forest, driving tanks up mountains or sending a motorbike through a cave, Mercuna has got you covered.

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