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Try Out Mercuna

The Unreal Engine 5 evaluation version of Mercuna AI Navigation is feature complete, and allows you to integrate and test Mercuna within your own game project for up to 6 months. You may not release any build that contains the Mercuna evaluation to end users, but if you would like to demo your game to third parties (such as publishers), please get in touch.

Our Unreal Engine evaluation version contains both 3D and Ground navigation, letting you test out Mercuna with all your AI. The evaluation includes Windows binaries for the UE5 editor only and can only be used with the Epic launcher version of Unreal.

If you are only interested in either Ground Navigation (character, vehicle and animal AI), or 3D navigation (flying and underwater AI), then these products can be licensed individually. If you need to test the Mercuna plugin on other platforms, engines or a custom version of Unreal, please email us directly at [email protected]

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