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Who Uses Mercuna?

Mercuna AI Navigation is used by games studios of all sizes from all around the world, in genres ranging from action role-playing games, space combat simulations, underwater games, to AR and VR experiences. Studios using Mercuna include:

Warner Bros. Games – Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is available now. Mercuna is proud to have supported Warner Bros. Games on Hogwarts Legacy.

Warner Bros. Games Montréal – Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is available now. Mercuna is proud to have supported Warner Bros. Games Montréal on Gotham Knights.

Funcom – Dune: Awakening

Funcom are making use of Mercuna Ground Navigation and 3D Navigation to provide seamless navigation in Dune: Awakening. Having Mercuna take care of the navigation for all their AI allowed the team to stay focussed on the creative vision which gives their games a unique personality and soul.

Tripwire Interactive – Maneater

Maneater is a Single-Player Action RPG, set in the Gulf Coast’s unforgiving waters. Fight to survive in the open ocean, swamps and rivers with danger lurking at every depth. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as you feed on “Mercuna-powered fish” and humans. Eat. Explore. Evolve!

Deep Silver FISHLABS – Chorus

Chorus is a space-combat shooter developed by Deep Silver FISHLABS. Chorus was released in December 2021 to widespread critical acclaim.

Squanch Games Logo

Squanch Games – High on Life

From the mind of Justin Roiland comes High On Life. Humanity is being threatened by an alien cartel who wants to use them as drugs. It’s up to you to rescue and partner with charismatic, talking guns, take down Garmantuous and his gang, and save the world!

The Chinese Room Logo

The Chinese Room

Mercuna is being used in Still Wakes The Deep, a narrative horror game being released 18th June for console and PC from The Chinese Room.

Tencent Games

Mercuna is delighted to be working with Tencent on a forthcoming unannounced project.

Yellow Brick Games Logo

Yellow Brick Games

Yellow Brick Games are using Mercuna in their new fantasy action RPG currently in development.

Brave Lunch – Blobkin Blaster

Brave Lunch’s VR title, Blobkin Blaster was released in August 2021. Defend the reef with the help of your Blobkin army! Take command of these tiny defenders of the seas in a fight for survival against ocean pollution and the defiled monsters of the deep. Collect Blobkin, build cannons, and restore glory to your depleted reef.

Blowfish Studios

Blowfish is driven to create fun and enjoyable games that all types of people will play. “Mercuna is a standout navigation solution for the Unreal engine.” said Blowfish CEO, Ben Lee. “Once we had trialed it in-game, Ben and Grant made the purchase process a breeze!”

Dreamlit Entertainment – Towers of Aghasba

Dreamlit Entertainment are working on Towers of Aghasba, an open-world city building and ecosystem game set on the ancient island of Algasba. Towers takes advantage of Mercuna’s fully dynamic navigation to allow players to build lush forests populated with wondrous, otherworldly creatures.

Gamedust – Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station

Yupitergrad 2 is a dynamic VR platformer by Gamedust, where you swing through the corridors solving puzzles, opening new passages, and fighting rebellious robots. A true modern Metroidvania in VR.

Hypercane Studios Logo

Hypercane Studios – The Adventures of Rob-1E

Hypercane Studios is creating The Adventures of Rob-1E, a sci-fi third-person adventure starring a host of lovable droids. Players will explore an open world full of puzzles and challenges as self-aware robot Rob-1E. Along the way, players will collect and upgrade cute companions, explore memorable locations, and unlock Rob-1E’s true powers.

Directive Games

Directive is a team of veteran game developers which focuses on amazing competitive online game experiences. “Our team was very excited to use Mercuna,” said their Technical Director Andreas Axelsson, “It’s just an all-round brilliant solution which is so easy to use, giving us a significant leg-up in the development of our forthcoming title.”


“Mercuna has been a great solid addition to our workflow here at Bad Fox Studios. 3D navigation solutions are hard to perfect and Mercuna has done just that.”
Sam Hudson, Bad Fox Studios
The architecture is very clean and transparent, with easy integration and good performance. But the developers are the best part, providing understandable documentation, shipping updates in the shortest time after UE version releases and always on hand to help with anything. If I did another project with 3D gameplay, I'd choose Mercuna. Because it just works.
Konstantinos Zhukov, Sargos Games
“From ease of implementation to realistic flight movement in game, Mercuna covers it all. The plugins implementation was smooth and easy to get started with alongside great documentation from Mercuna themselves.”
Sam Hudson, Bad Fox Studios
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