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Engines and Platforms
Mercuna AI Navigation is available for both Unreal Engine 5, Unreal Engine 4, and Unity. Mercuna has an engine independent core, making it easy to integrate with other game engines.
Mercuna supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and consoles.

Mercuna AI Navigation is offered as a drop-in plugin for Unreal Engine 5, as well as Unreal Engine 4. It’s simple to set up for both code and Blueprint projects. Our deep integration means that Mercuna looks like just another part of the engine.

Component Based

All Mercuna AI Navigation functionality is available through Unreal components, simply add the Mercuna navigation and movement components to your actors and have them moving around your levels in minutes.

Simple Unreal blueprint

Blueprint And C++ APIs

Mercuna offers a complete set of Blueprint nodes and C++ APIs to give you full control of pathfinding and movement.

BT Nodes and EQS Queries

Perform advanced position picking using Mercuna’s EQS filters and generators to quickly create sets of navigable points and determine reachability. A full set of BT nodes allows you to integrate Mercuna with sophisticated AI behaviors in UE4’s behavior tree editor.

Simple Unreal behavior tree
Mercuna Unreal editor tools

Powerful Debugging Tools

Understand exactly what your AI are doing with our visual debugging tools.  Quickly view the octree structure or use our nav testing actors allow you to investigate pawn’s paths through the level. Our integration with the Unreal profiler makes it simple for you to monitor Mercuna’s CPU and memory usage.

Mercuna 3D Navigation is integrated as a plugin for Unity. Simply import the Mercuna package into your project to get up and running in seconds.

Component Based

Just add Mercuna components to your GameObjects to quickly get your agents flying. Our components offer a rich set of APIs to allow you to move your agents and query the navigation octree.  This makes it simple to integrate with your AI, allowing full control of pathfinding and movement.

Custom Editor Tools

Mercuna’s custom Unity Editor tools and menu options make configuration and debugging easy. You can quickly view the octree structure or trigger regeneration from the Mercuna editor menu, and our nav testing component allows you to investigate paths through the level with ease.

Example Scripts

We provide a collection of example scripts to help you get started with Mercuna.

Mercuna can also be integrated with other engines. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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