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Two ships avoiding a collision

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Populating your AR and VR games with flying creatures and characters can help bring them to life. Mercuna 3D Navigation allows you to fill your virtual environments with dynamic agents that understand the space and that can seamlessly navigate, avoiding both real and virtual obstacles.

In headset-based experiences, it is natural for players’ focal point to rest around head height. Restricting your game to ground-based characters and creatures forces players to constantly be looking downwards, quickly becoming uncomfortable. This can be a particular problem in AR, where the experience has to be designed to work well in the limited space of a player’s room. Adding aerial agents into your game allows you to bring the action up off the floor and into the player’s natural space.

In AR apps, Mercuna 3D Navigation can use the room mesh or point cloud to quickly construct a navigation map of the environment. This map enables your game to take full advantage of the space. You can easily identify empty volumes to decide where your agents spawn, generate and score potential target locations for them to move to, and find routes that navigate agents around and through obstacles in the world.

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