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Edinburgh from Calton Hill

About Us

Our Team

Dr Ben Lowing


A veteran in developing AI for games studios, with a background in R&D, Ben ensures Mercuna products are always designed with fellow AI programmers in mind.

Mike Bell


Having began as a software engineer in the telecomms industry, Mike transitioned to being an AI developer in the games industry a decade ago and has worked with Ben ever since. 

Dr Peter Creasey


Having met Ben and Mike whilst students at the University of Cambridge, Peter pursued an academic career researching large computer simulations of dark matter before joining Mercuna.

Jonathan Sprague

Junior Developer

After completing his MSc at St Andrews, where he specialised in AI applications in the games industry, Jonathan became the newest member of the Mercuna development team.

Our Vision

Mercuna is one of the industry’s leading developers of AI navigation middleware. Based upon extensive experience in developing AI for games such as Star Citizen, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and Aquanox: Deep Descent, Mercuna’s team is driven to solve the hardest problems and push the boundaries of game AI. Our vision is to provide games studios with tools containing powerful features, which are easy to use and are optimised for performance. The guiding philosophy behind Mercuna has been to offer customisable solutions which free-up developers’ time so they can concentrate on writing amazing games. Powerful yet simple, Mercuna has been the middleware of choice for studios around the world.

From our base in Scotland, the experienced Mercuna team has tackled some of the most difficult challenges in game middleware by developing products designed for AI with very specialist navigational needs. Mercuna 3D Navigation offers a complete pathfinding, steering and avoidance solution for flying and underwater AI. And our latest product, Mercuna Ground Navigation, is the first middleware in the games industry designed specifically for the navigation of ground-based, non-humanoid AI such as off-road vehicles and animals.