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Our licences include access to all Mercuna 3D Navigation features and full source code. You will have access to updates to support new Engine versions and may use Mercuna 3D Navigation on all platforms, including consoles. 
Indie Licence


  • For budgets under $500k
  • Basic support
Standard Licence


  • For budgets $500k to $2m
  • Standard support
Premium Licence


  • For budgets $2m+
  • Prioritised 1-to-1 support
  • Prioritised feature development


Can I try out Mercuna for free?

Yes, you just need to request our evaluation version.

How long does support last?

Support under all licences lasts 1 year.  Extensions of support are available.

Will I get updates?

All licensees have access to updates to Mercuna to support new versions of either Unreal Engine 4 or Unity as they are released. This will normally provide the same functionality you had before, but gives you the freedom to choose which Engine version is right for your project.

Premium licensees additionally have access to new versions of Mercuna, which includes all new features.

Can Mercuna be used in VR, Simulations and Theme Parks?

Yes, the use of Mercuna is not restricted to games. Advanced pathfinding and smooth, spline-based steering can be perfect for fish simulations, flying creatures in immersive experiences and many other applications.

How does the licence work?

Once you have purchased a Mercuna licence, we will send access to the middleware which you can then integrate into your engine. The licence covers one game, with as many developers and platforms as you need for the duration of the project.

On which game engines can Mercuna be used?

Mercuna is fully integrated with both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity via a plugin, making it very quick and easy to add to your project. The integration also looks to be part of the engine, so that using Mercuna is really straightforward.

We have written Mercuna so that, with some development work, it can be easily integrated into proprietary and other engines. Get in touch to discuss your own integration requirements.

Am I eligible for an Indie Studio Licence?

We want to give a bit back to our industry by making Mercuna available to small, growing studios, so we offer an Indie Studio licence just for them. This is defined as any project having a development budget of under $500,000, which would be the total budget minus the sales and marketing budget. We will send you a feature complete version of Mercuna and provide basic support.

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