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AI for the entire world

With Mercuna there is no limit where your AI can go; follow players into tunnels and craters, find paths through caves or escape though gaps.

Any type of AI

Each AI can be individually configured, so that dragons glide smoothly around mountains, while small birds make much tighter weaving turns in forests.

All kinds of games

Mercuna has been used in a wide range of genres from ground-based RPGs to space games, and from hard core simulations to fantasy games.

Save Development Costs

Mercuna AI Navigation is the result of 5 man years of experienced developer time, provided to clients at a fraction of that cost. Delivered at a defined cost and ready to use immediately, there is no risk of the project being held up whilst you wait for tech to be developed. Using Mercuna releases your AI programmers from developing background tech so they can be dedicated to creating more interesting AI features and making awesome games.

Easy to Use

Mercuna is designed to be very easy to use, so that it does not distract developers from their core purpose of building great games. Our aim has been to avoid the need for developers to learn new tools by integrating Mercuna tightly with the game engine. Everything about Mercuna is designed to be intuitive to game engine users. Mercuna is integrated as a plugin, so can be set-up in minutes, and includes sensible defaults and optimised work flows.

Guaranteed Solution

Mercuna AI Navigation is a proven solution, as the result of years of iteration by developers with over 10 years’ experience specialising in AI navigation. Designed to meet the demands of any AAA game, it is currently being used in numerous high-profile titles.