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Birds and Butterflies

We’ve had ground-based games for years now, but so often the technology limits how much we can do with that third dimension.  Sometimes it is just used as an aesthetic backdrop, or maybe 3d navigation is possible, but as a 2.5D hack, or as a solution that’s so expensive you need to start compromising on graphics.

Mercuna was designed to change all of that.  We want to help games fill their worlds with birds, butterflies and all types of AI wildlife so that the sky is an active, and interactive, part of the game.  Maybe it’s just about having birds fly in a non-scripted way, or maybe you want the birds to interact with characters, using EQS to find attack positions, or setting BT nodes so they behave as you’ve designed.  We’ve even designed Mercuna to accept flying creatures of different size and behaviour so that you can have birds and dragons living, hunting and even fighting in the same world.