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Creatures and Monsters

So many famous games have ground-based characters running around fantasy worlds, and we all have fond memories of our favourites.  But Mercuna can help you take these types of games into a new era, where the possibilities of a fantasy world are unleashed.

You could add eagles and butterflies to your world, but why not go further? Get some dragons patrolling their territories, swooping down in terrifying raids on villages or dwarven mines.  Or create flying gouls in horror games, or let your imagination go and create flying skulls which can fly through air vents and attack players when and how you want them to attack.

This is what Mercuna is all about.  Letting developers create something as close to the original vision as possible.  We have tried to make everything as modular and customisable as we can so that your AI does exactly what you imagine them doing.  When you start to get these characters moving and really exploiting that third dimension, you will begin to see that 3D navigation is about more than 6 degrees of freedom and pathfinding: it is about using tactical position generators to find the most realistic attack position according to your world, then finding the best route in a way that doesn’t slow the whole game down, and smooths the path so that you can really use the steering and movement components. It’s about getting the technical solution to fit the vision, not the other way around.