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Divers and Submarines

If you are thinking about making a game with underwater environments, Mercuna is the ideal solution for navigation.  Just as you may use AI for drones or enemy spacecraft, so you can use Mercuna for navigation AI submarines and divers.  Perhaps you need a submarine to navigate across long distances to hunt down an agent. Mercuna’s hierarchical pathfinding means that long-distance navigation can be computed quickly and easily, without slowing down the game.  The AI submarine can track your agent at a distance through all sorts of underwater features and will then use EQS to identify and prioritise attack positions, customizable to how to define a ‘good’ position.  You can even modify behaviour to make ‘hit and run’ attacks or ‘seek and destroy’ attacks.

By default, Mercuna uses Newtonian physics, so that you submarine will drift naturally with momentum when trying to turn, adding a superb element of realism to the look and feel of the submarine.  In fact, our movement and steering components are customizable so that divers move like divers, submarines move like submarines, and fish move like fish.  It’s these small elements of realism which make playing a game ‘fun’.  And that, after all, is what Mercuna is all about.