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Mercuna offers full 3D pathfinding using a highly optimized A* search through a sparse octree. Mercuna creates a voxelised representation of your game geometry, and stores it in the efficient octree structure – allowing both fast pathfinding and responsive reachability queries. A single navigation octree supports multiple agent sizes, giving you flexibility to mix large and small agents in a single game world.

For longer range path queries, Mercuna offers hierarchical pathfinding to improve performance. An approximate route across the map is found using an automatically generated coarse navigation graph, before the octree is consulted to refine the path. Pathfinding is asynchronous by default, so even long and complex paths can be found without visibly impacting your game’s performance.

You can also use the octree to shape your agents’ objectives. Thanks to Mercuna’s optimised reachability tests, you can check whether a given agent can reach hundreds of target points using just a single query. And because reachability information is baked into the octree, these queries are answered extremely quickly.

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