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Eel swimming through a cave


Mercuna 3D Navigation can drive any type of flying or swimming agent, from creatures like butterflies to vehicles such as submarines. Out of the box, it offers a range of default flight styles, which can easily be fine-tuned for your game. With Mercuna, your agents can fly quickly through complex environments, smoothly finding their way around the level geometry.

How exactly an agent follows a path is just as important as finding the path in the first place. In order to provide natural, high quality movement Mercuna uses a sophisticated spline based steering mechanism so that agents move in a smooth, realistic manner, and never fall off their paths.

Mercuna 3D Navigation uses its awareness of the available space around the path in order to construct a smooth spline through the path points. Combining this continuous spline with your agent’s configured flight speed and turn rates, Mercuna ensures that your agents can travel quickly and smoothly down the spline without breaking the constraints.

Mercuna 3D Navigation’s advanced steering features include:

  • Flexible movement styles – Mercuna supports a wide variety of movement styles from airplane like flight to 6 DoF drone maneuvering, ensuring that you can create the exact movement style needed for your game.
  • Smooth spline paths – using dynamically generated polynomial splines, Mercuna ensures that agents move in a smooth, natural looking manner, making full use of the space around them.
  • Maximised speed – agents make full use of their configured acceleration to ensure that they are always moving at the maximum possible speed when making turns, whilst still obeying movement constraints.
  • Optimised following – seamlessly follow other agents and moving actors. By continuously adjusting the spline path end as the destination moves, Mercuna avoids performing unnecessary expensive repaths.
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