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Category: Gaming Industry
20 Dec

Crunch: an industry problem which needs a customer solution

How do we solve the problem of crunch in the games industry? Let’s start by assuming it’s not going to just solve itself. And let’s recognise that devs forming unions barely works even in countries with strong traditions of unionisation, such as Sweden. The solution might lie in an industry very different from our own. ..

15 Mar
Networking for Introverts

Networking for Introverts: Surviving GDC

There are some people out there who, for some weird reason, actually enjoy ‘networking’.  These oddballs actually get a kick from talking about nothing, for hours, with total strangers and then they somehow become best friends with them. Well, this post is for the rest of us. The introverts. The people who can think of..

01 Mar
Ben Lowing

8 Things Every Startup Should Do at GDC

8 Things Every Startup Should Do At GDC You know, I love GDC.  We spend so much of our working time staring into code, that it’s actually nice to meet-up and share that buzz with like-minded people. With over 20,000 attendees, it is easily the biggest conference for games professionals anywhere in the world, and..